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As we've planned in an earlier post, and with the extensive beta testing over the last three months...

Today, we are happy to announce the offical launch of our 4 Counter-Strike 2 servers! Since the servers were stable throughout the beta for statistics to have been recorded accurately, we have decided to roll the beta stats over as the official stats.

With the CS:GO community having moved on to CS2, and growing list of CS2 mods, we may announce more servers running those mods, so stay tuned!

Hope you have fun on our servers. Happy gaming!

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With the recent release of Counter-Strike 2 last month, it's something we've all been waiting for.

Many have been waiting for the release of the dedicated server to run servers with least overhead, but Valve hasn't been playing nice with the community. So we've all found a way to do this with the actual game client, and so...

Today, we are glad to announce our 4 new Counter-Strike 2 servers, namely:

Since very little is known about hosting Counter-Strike 2 servers, the new servers are still in beta which we will launch when ready.

And of course, we managed to get statistics semi-working, which we hope to fix within the next week.

We are glad that Counter-Strike has moved on from CS:GO, and there's much more upcoming that we're excited about just like you. So, with these new servers, we hope it gives the community a nice headstart.

With Christmas round the corner, Merry Christmas, and happy gaming!

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Having been running our 4 BF2 servers for several months now, we are glad to announce their official launch as of today!

Because the servers have generally been very stable during the beta period, the beta stats will be carried over, so that the stats are now official.

With the official launch, we have enhanced the servers' performance, though you probably won't notice :P

Finally, as with anything, there may still be very random bugs every once in a blue moon, and we are aware of the more frequent crashes on our Playground server, but rest assured that we are keeping a close eye on it :)

Happy battling!

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Since the launch of our very first vanilla Battlefield 2 1.5 server two weeks ago, we have thoroughly enjoyed those classic 16 player maps.

However, out of the box, the original BF2 did not include support for playing with bots on 32 and 64 player maps. We like the BF2ALL64 mod because it does not modify the vanilla BF2, but simply adds support for playing with bots on 32 and 64 player maps.

Hence, we decided to create 32 and 64 player BF2ALL64 servers for the community, knowing how few servers there are out there.

Today we announce three more servers:

Together with our first vanilla BF2 server, we now have 16, 32, and 64 player ranked servers, just like the original BF2! Our BFHQ rank system recognizes player scores across our vanilla BF2 server, as well as our BF2ALL64 servers. That means we get the complete stats including stats for large map vehicles (aircraft, helicopters, boats) which makes the ranking system as comprehensive as the original BF2 BFHQ.

The unranked playground server is for anybody to have fun with any 16, 32, or 64 map without their stats being ranked.

For best bot performance, all four servers run with ESAI mod with optimized strategies by the BF2SP64 community. It is said to be much better than the original BF2 AI. We hope you like it.

Finally, to play on BF2ALL64 servers, simply install the BF2ALL64 mod. Download links are on the COMMUNITY page.

You can find the servers on our gametracker, or on BF2Hub.

Happy Battling!

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Battlefield 2 has been a title that we really enjoyed playing more than a decade ago. We have played but have never hosted a server for the community. Since there are not many servers remaining, especially in our geographical region, we decided to create one.

Hence, today is the launch of our Battlefield 2 beta server! Although it is not a BF2Hub official ranked server, we have created a private rank system which is viewable at bf2.startersclan.com. If you are using BF2Hub client, configure the BFHQ to be bfhq.startersclan.com to see the stats in BFHQ in-game. Do note that the server is currently in beta, and we may revise the server settings and reset the stats anytime throughout the beta period, until our official launch.

You can find the server on our gametracker, or on BF2Hub.

Happy Battling!