Website speed
August 1 2023
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We've just added some improvements to load our website with less bandwidth, which is barely noticeable on a very fast or low latency connection.

But for the sake of less stable environments such as browsing on phones and for our overseas friends far away, we hope the little change helps. Enough for you to stick around :)

Happy browsing!

BF2 Servers Official Launch
July 10 2023
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Having been running our 4 BF2 servers for several months now, we are glad to announce their official launch as of today!

Because the servers have generally been very stable during the beta period, the beta stats will be carried over, so that the stats are now official.

With the official launch, we have enhanced the servers' performance, though you probably won't notice :P

Finally, as with anything, there may still be very random bugs every once in a blue moon, and we are aware of the more frequent crashes on our Playground server, but rest assured that we are keeping a close eye on it :)

Happy battling!

2 new Xmas HLDS servers
November 17 2022
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We had a little spare time, so what could be better than to spin up 2 new Xmas themed Counter-Strike and Condition Zero servers for the community this Christmas season! This is our first time doing this for the community, and we enjoyed it very much!

Hop on, wear your Christmas hat, and have fun! We added FastDL support so the map assets load blazingly fast.

Note that the servers are unranked, so just in case you want to goof around, we believe it's the season.

Happy gaming!

Merry Christmas!
November 13 2022
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Christmas is just around the corner (again!).

We know we are early, but we've dropped some glitter around as you might have already noticed. Just to keep everyone's spirit up during the festive season.

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!

Three New Battlefield 2 Beta Servers
October 24 2022
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Since the launch of our very first vanilla Battlefield 2 1.5 server two weeks ago, we have thoroughly enjoyed those classic 16 player maps.

However, out of the box, the original BF2 did not include support for playing with bots on 32 and 64 player maps. We like the BF2ALL64 mod because it does not modify the vanilla BF2, but simply adds support for playing with bots on 32 and 64 player maps.

Hence, we decided to create 32 and 64 player BF2ALL64 servers for the community, knowing how few servers there are out there.

Today we announce three more servers:

Together with our first vanilla BF2 server, we now have 16, 32, and 64 player ranked servers, just like the original BF2! Our BFHQ rank system recognizes player scores across our vanilla BF2 server, as well as our BF2ALL64 servers. That means we get the complete stats including stats for large map vehicles (aircraft, helicopters, boats) which makes the ranking system as comprehensive as the original BF2 BFHQ.

The unranked playground server is for anybody to have fun with any 16, 32, or 64 map without their stats being ranked.

For best bot performance, all four servers run with ESAI mod with optimized strategies by the BF2SP64 community. It is said to be much better than the original BF2 AI. We hope you like it.

Finally, to play on BF2ALL64 servers, simply install the BF2ALL64 mod. Download links are on the COMMUNITY page.

You can find the servers on our gametracker, or on BF2Hub.

Happy Battling!