Battlefield 2 server beta launch
October 12 2022
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Battlefield 2 has been a title that we really enjoyed playing more than a decade ago. We have played but have never hosted a server for the community. Since there are not many servers remaining, especially in our geographical region, we decided to create one.

Hence, today is the launch of our Battlefield 2 beta server! Although it is not a BF2Hub official ranked server, we have created a private rank system which is viewable at bf2.startersclan.com. If you are using BF2Hub client, configure the BFHQ to be bfhq.startersclan.com to see the stats in BFHQ in-game. Do note that the server is currently in beta, and we may revise the server settings and reset the stats anytime throughout the beta period, until our official launch.

You can find the server on our gametracker, or on BF2Hub.

Happy Battling!

Site Launch
August 19 2022
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Today, we have officially launched startersclan.com, our main site. This site will provide latest announcements, releases, and news we have to share with you guys. We hope you like it.

For several years startersclan.com would redirect to our community statistics site at startersclan.com/stats. Now, to visit the community statistics site, click on COMMUNITY on the navigation menu above.

Happy starting!

Wait! And how about guessing what map that is?